Cookie policy

Last updated
October 25, 2020

We've created this Cookie Policy to help you understand how we use cookies and associated technologies on our websites and apps. Have a look at our Privacy Policy if you want to know more about how we use your data in general.

About cookies and related technologies

A cookie is a small amount of text, connected to a specific website, saved in your browser. When you visit a website, any cookies connected with that site is sent to the server. Often, a cookie will contain just an ID number that identifies you to the server, so it can pull up your shopping basket for example. Websites also often give the user an ID number in the form of a cookie in order to track what the user does across pages. This can help the company understand how users interact with their website, for example what blog posts are the most popular.

There is also the concept of "local storage" in modern browsers, which we make use of. Local storage also allows the website to store information on your computer about you. Since it's a similar concept to a non-technical user, we'll use the word "cookies" to refer local storage as well in some places.

How we use cookies and related technologies

We use cookies and local storage for the following purposes:

  • to remember that you're signed in, and who you're signed in as
  • to understand how you use our site
  • so the live chat support app remembers who you are

The types of cookies we use

  • Essential: these are cookies that are essential to the functioning of our site. Currently, that includes the data we store that makes it possible for you to stay logged in, the cookies that our chat app uses to remember you, and a cookie to remember if you've consented to cookies. If you disable these cookies in your browser, our app will not work.
  • Performance: these are cookies that help us to make a better website by measuring how users are interacting with it. We use Google Analytics to track how individual visitors use our site, for example what they click on and how long they spend. This data doesn't allow us to identify precisely who the users are. Google's Privacy policy can be found here, and you can download a tool to opt out of their cookies here.
  • Because we use "Tweet" buttons on article pages, Twitter stores cookies to help them track the websites that you use, in order to target more relevant adverts to you. Opting out of these cookies won't stop Twitter from showing you ads, they just wont necessarily be related to your browsing history. Learn more from the Twitter Cookie Policy.
  • We instruct Google Analytics and Twitter not to place cookies on your computer if you haven't given your consent using the consent banner. Blocking these cookies will not cause any problems with your use of the website. Your consent will automatically expire after a year and then we'll make sure you still consent. We'll also ask for your consent again if we change this Cookie Policy substantially.

How to set up your browser to block cookies

It is possible to have your browser block cookies, but please be aware many sites, including this one, may not work properly or at all.

If you're not sure what browser you're using, or to find out more about cookies, you can visit, which includes a useful tool to figure out what browser you are using and show you the relevant instructions.